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We offer the widest range of dairy cultures in Australia. Heirloom, Traditional & Unique. You won't find a wider range of probiotic cultures.


Our philosophy is simple: 100% Natural, inside and out, whenever possible. We aim to help the body inside and out, be the best it can. 

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probiotics dont have to cost the earth. Real probiotics are easy and much, much cheaper.
—Brand Luci



something old... The traditional gift of Kefir grains... A blessing on the house



Probiotics have cleared my IBS. Completely, so far. It's been two years since I discovered Kefir and REAL probiotics and Ive never looked back.
—Don, Freemantle



Thank you for my order. I seriously love the sweet taste of the Viili - I didn't think it would be so much better that milk kefir - but it is. And so easy to make. The kombucha is happily brewing too.


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krfir.jpgKefir Grains starter

Kefir Grains [Live] Min. 1 TBS

Kefir is a symbiotic Probiotic microbe "cluster" that will ferment milk (cow, goat, sheep etc) into a tangy, slightly fizzy yoghurt like drink, in 12 - 48 hours.

The Grains look like little cauliflowers, and it's so easy:

Set it up in milk & forget it for 12 hours in cold weather, 6-7 in hot weather.


An investment in your future Health. Looked after properly, they will last for generations- compare how much ONE 500ml bottle costs!

Kefir is the ULTIMATE in probiotic supplement, and completely natural!

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